About Return America

Our Purpose

The purpose of Return America is to build a network of churches and individuals to educate, motivate and mobilize citizens in a united effort in promoting Judeo-Christian values; to educate and influence government in these principles upon which our state and nation were founded.

Our Principles

The principles of Return America rest firmly in Judeo-Christian values. We are dedicated to, but not limited to, the following:

  • The Sanctity of Life and the Protection of the Unborn
    • We believe God gives life and society should do everything possible to protect this unalienable right.
    • We oppose abortion, assisted suicide, euthanasia, and the harvesting of embryonic stem cells.
  • The Sanctity of Marriage and Family
    • We believe the most basic unit of society is the traditional family – one man and one woman legally joined in marriage.
    • We support both state and federal constitutional amendments to protect the traditional family.
    • We support the rights of parents to rear their children in accordance with their own religious beliefs.
    • We oppose all efforts to redefine the family in any way.
    • We oppose immorality in elected officials.
  • Biblical Morality
    • We support the promotion of Biblical morality in society – abstinence outside marriage and fidelity within marriage.
    • We are opposed to the use of public funds to promote homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle – whether in the classroom or in state policy.
    • We are opposed to pornography in any form.
    • We are opposed to gambling.
  • Religious Liberty
    • We believe in freedom of conscience and of worship.
    • We support those efforts to remove any governmental control over churches and pastors.
    • We oppose any attempt to suppress the free exercise of churches to advance the Christian faith – such as the threat of the loss of tax-exempt status or legislating the preaching of the Word of God as a hate crime.
  • The Security of America
    • We believe in the principles set forth by our forefathers in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.
    • We believe the courts should interpret law according to the original intent of the framers.
    • We stand in opposition to that judicial activism which usurps legislative authority, diminishes national sovereignty, or undermines America’s spiritual foundation.
    • We oppose the secularization in the public square which would purge Christianity from the books and the speech of our children, and would forbid any recognition of our religious heritage in the public sector.
    • We oppose the theory of evolution and believe the teaching of origins should be balanced with the teaching of Biblical creation.
    • We believe in and support the right of the private ownership of property.
    • We oppose governmental seizure of church property under the guise of economic development, public use, etc.