A Wonderful, God-Given Victory!

Saturday, May 23, 2020 | 5:48 PM

As you are aware, Return America asked for a restraining order from federal court so that churches might open up normally. Last Saturday, the federal judge granted that request in place for two weeks. On Friday, May 29, we were to appear in federal court for the actual trial. The governor, after the federal court granted the temporary injunction statewide to protect churches, has now issued an order that honors that protection for all churches. In other words, we now have permanently the freedom to worship uninterrupted as before the pandemic became a reality. We will not need to appear in court on May 29.

I remember sitting in the courtroom and hearing the judge ask our attorney if he was asking for this injunction just for our church or for all churches in North Carolina. Our attorney stated, “For North Carolina.” Thankfully, with God’s help and the Christian Law Association, we prevailed for the entire state. It is now a settled issue.

Other states are now using information from our briefs filled here in in North Carolina. We are thankful that this case not only gave us a great win, but that is helping others to achieve the same end results.

Remember, as you go back, please do so with the utmost care. We want our people to return in a safe and healthy environment.

Finally, as you go back, will you take a moment and thank our Wonderful Lord for this great victory?

Wishing each of you the very best,

Dr. Ron Baity
Return America

The CDC has a portion of their website providing guidance for churches and congregations. You may click here to view their website.