In 2006, some of the board members of the North Carolina Christian School Association became gravely concerned about the increasing lack of knowledge and respect for our Judeo-Christian heritage and decreasing morality in America. As a result, Return America was begun. Doctor Ron Baity is the founding president.

Since 2007, Return America has achieved astounding success for a small grassroots organization thanks to teh rpayers and support of a growing number of concerned citizens, pastors, and churches. Here are just a few of our highlights:


Return America held a rally in support of HB2, known as the “bathroom bill”, which required people to use the restrooms, changing rooms, and locker facilities that pertained to the gender they were born to.


Dr. Baity spoke at two We Stand with God pro-family rally events in Columbia, South Carolina, and Raleigh, North Carolina, where thousands were present.






Over 8,000 attended a rally to encourage our state leaders to fight the ACLU’s challenge of our State Marriage Amendment.




Return America brought over 4,000 to Salisbury, North Carolina, in a rally to support county commissioners that were being threatened by the ACLU over offering prayer in Jesus’ Name.





Return America held the final Marraige Amendment Rally in Raleigh in April with over 8,000 in attendance. On May 7, the Marriage Amendment passed, with opponents giving a large amount of the credit of the victory to Return America’s efforts.



Brought over 5,000 to Halifax Mall in Raleigh in support of the Marraige Amendment despite torrential rains across the area.




Return America worked with pastors to bring over 4,000 to King, North Carolina, to counter the ACLU’s threats against teh city for flying a Christian flag at their veterans memorial park.





Despite snow and ice across much of the state, 5,000 were once again brought to Raleigh in support of the North Carolina Marraige Amendment.






Return America worked with Yadkin County pastors to successfully vote down a liquor referendum as well as voting out two commissioners who opposed prayer in Jesus’ Name.




Return America led over 12,000 to Raleigh in support of legislation defining marriage as between one man and one woman.