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April 27, 2017
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Conservative Chief Justice Roy Moore Running for U.S. Senate (April 26, 2017) reports that:

Suspended Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, also known as the “Ten Commandments judge,” announced on Wednesday that he is
resigning from the state Supreme Court to run for the United States Senate.

“I share the vision of President Donald Trump to make America great again,” Moore explained during a press conference
surrounded by supporters, but added, “Before we can make America great again, we’ve got to make America good again.”

“Our first president in his farewell address said very simply, ‘The virtue of morality is a necessary spring of popular government.
Who, that is a sincere friend to it, can look with indifference on attempts to shake the foundation of the fabric?'” he noted.

Moore outlined that the foundations of the nation are being shaken on a variety of levels, including in matters of protecting the
unborn, the institution of marriage and religious liberty. He said that there also needs to be a return to the original intent of the U.S.

“Socialized medicine, Common Core education-they’re not in the power of the federal government,” Moore said. “As United States
Senator, I will continue to stand for the rights and liberties not only of this state, but of its people as well. I will defend those rights
and liberties under the Constitution of the United States, so help me God.”

Justice Moore has a long history of standing for Judeo-Christian values:

What I did, I did for the people of Alabama. I stood up for the Constitution. I stood up for God. The great majority of people in this
state believe in God. The Constitution itself is based on an acknowledgment of God,” he declared. “Unless you understand what God
has to do with the Constitution, you don’t understand the Constitution.”

Moore will make a great senator, and he has made a great judge. We need more like him!!

Trump and NAFTA: Renegotiation First - Termination Still on Table (April 27, 2017) reports that:

President Donald Trump will renegotiate NAFTA rather than terminate it, after a day of chaos sent top business interests and
members of congress scrambling.

Trump confirmed the news on Thursday morning.

“I received calls from the President of Mexico and the Prime Minister of Canada asking to renegotiate NAFTA rather than
terminate,” he wrote on Twitter. “I agreed subject to the fact that if we do not reach a fair deal for all, we will then terminate
NAFTA. Relationships are good - deal very possible!”

A senior White House advisor described the abrupt whiplash on NAFTA as the president’s “art of the deal,” rather than a swift
reaction to a misstep.

“This expedites renegotiations,” the adviser told Breitbart News.

Trump’s policy is “America First.” That should have always been our policy. The negotiations will begin with leaders from Mexico and

…both President Peña Nieto of Mexico and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada called the president to express their concerns.

The three leaders “agreed to proceed swiftly” on renegotiating NAFTA according to a White House statement released late
Wednesday evening.

“It is my privilege to bring NAFTA up to date through renegotiation,” Trump said. “It is an honor to deal with both President Peña
Nieto and Prime Minister Trudeau, and I believe that the end result will make all three countries stronger and better.”

The news followed Trump’s dramatic buildup on NAFTA, after previewing action on the “disastrous” trade deal “some time over the
next two weeks” and sparking public disputes over Canadian softwood lumber and dairy products.

Renegotiating NAFTA will take longer, as Trump will work to work out a better deal for the American worker. But if foreign leaders
try to drag out the clock, the executive order sledgehammer should keep them at the table.

There’s no way to benefit the American worker without stopping the jobs leaving for other countries. “America First” means an emphasis
on “American made.”

The opportunity for new business means that American companies must rise to the occasion. It doesn’t do any good for the Ford Company
to stay in America if their quality is not up to the standards of Honda and Toyota.

Hopefully, American companies will realize that there’s just so much the government can do. Removing NAFTA’s binding ties will certainly
get the ball rolling. The rest is up to the companies.

Twist: ACLU Defends Ann Coulter’s Treatment at Berkeley (April 26, 2017) reports that:

The American Civil Liberties Union defended Ann Coulter Wednesday after the conservative pundit cancelled a speech at the
University of California, Berkeley, citing security concerns.

Coulter announced earlier Wednesday that she would no longer appear at Berkeley after conservative group sponsoring her remarks
withdrew their support.

“There will be no speech,” she told Reuters. “I looked over my shoulder and my allies had joined the other team.”

“It’s a sad day for free speech,” Coulter told The New York Times. “Everyone who should believe in free speech fought against it or
ran away.”

Young America’s Foundation, the group that had sponsored Coulter’s planned speech Thursday, said, “Berkeley made it impossible
to hold a lecture due to the lack of assurances for protections from foreseeable violence from unrestrained leftist agitators."

“Berkeley should be ashamed for creating this hostile atmosphere,” the group added in a statement, noting the school police’s
“stand-down” policy.

The Berkeley College Republicans, another sponsor of Coulter’s visit, also reportedly voiced fears about the event’s atmosphere.

Liberals constantly talk about free speech yet they protest when conservatives speak out. The ACLU has taken the side of a conservative,
even though it tweeted that Coulter’s speech would be “hateful.”

Liberalism is a morally bankrupt philosophy, riddled with contradictions, and filled with blatant hypocrisy.

The rioters at Berkeley represent that portion of humanity completely void of common sense or common decency.

Contradictions in Trump Polls Continue After First 100 Days

President Trump’s national ratings are at 40%, but the people who voted for him support him 100%. Considering that he won the election
that seems almost contradictory. (April 25, 2017) reports that:

At almost 100 days into his presidency, Donald Trump's national approval rating seems stuck at a record-low 40% or so. But a group
of voters who helped put him in the White House say he's doing just fine - even great.

The president scores a perfect 100% approval rating in the USA TODAY Trump voter panel, a nationwide group of 25 Trump voters
who make up a sort of floating focus group on how the president fares among those who backed him…

While reviews from presidential scholars and the broader public are mixed at best, these core supporters remain solidly in Trump's
corner. The sturdiness of that support, also reflected in national polls, gives the president a reliable political base even as he
struggles to expand his appeal to those who didn't back him on Election Day.

One thing is for certain - America is better off with Trump than we would have been if Hillary Clinton had squeaked out a win.

Watching her get off and on Air Force One in her pants suit every week is a thought that gives nightmares to even the most adamant lover
of horror flicks.





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