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October 13, 2017
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Trump’s Department of Health and Human Services Declares “Life Begins at Conception” (October 12, 2017) reports that:

The Department of Health and Human Services has published a draft of a new strategic plan that states in its introduction that life
begins at conception.

The personhood of the unborn child is central to the abortion debate - as even the justice who wrote the landmark Roe v. Wade
opinion has acknowledged - because, if established in law, it would nullify a “right” to abortion.

The largely overlooked HHS strategic plan for 2018-22 states the agency “accomplishes its mission through programs and initiatives
that cover a wide spectrum of activities, serving and protecting Americans at every stage of life, beginning at conception.”

…The draft plan states a “core component of the HHS mission is our dedication to serve all Americans from conception to natural
death, but especially those individuals and populations facing or at high risk for economic and social well-being challenges, through
effective human services.”

Finally, we have an administration that is not afraid to define human life the way it should be defined - beginning at conception.

Why Big Government Hates the Family

The latest issue of The New York Book Review ( has an article about the death of 1960’s liberal feminist, Kate Millet. The
article calls her a “radical feminist” from the 1960s.

The following is an enlightened backward glance at the philosophical reasons big government and radical leftists hate the traditional

Millett devoted most of a chapter of Sexual Politics to attacking as fascistic and counterrevolutionary societies that emphasized
family over sexual freedom. Her main examples were the Nazis and the Soviet Union under Stalin. This was ahistorical and naive.
Neither Hitler nor Stalin had any respect for the family. The Nazis encouraged unwed motherhood if it meant more Aryan babies,
and invented no-fault divorce so that Germans could rid themselves of Jewish spouses. The Soviets broke up families by staggering
work schedules, turning children against parents, and sending wives to the gulag for failing to inform on their husbands. It’s painful
to admit, but the condescending Howe, in his review, got this exactly right. “In every totalitarian society, there is and must be a
deep clash between state and family, simply because the state demands complete loyalty from each person and comes to regard
the family as a major competitor for that loyalty,” he wrote. “For both political and nonpolitical people, the family becomes the last
refuge for humane values. Thereby the defense of the ‘conservative’ institution of the family becomes under totalitarianism a
profoundly subversive act.

The article points out that the most discriminated women in America are not the “career women” who are trying to overcome obstacles in
the workforce, but women who stay at home and take care of their children and spouses for free:

…Women have to have equality in the workforce, obviously, because they’re there to stay. But the women and, increasingly, men
who are most egregiously discriminated against today are those who are not in the workforce, or only partly in the workforce,
because they do the unpaid labor of care. These are the people who-at the risk of going all cosmic-keep the species alive,
civilization going, and life itself bearable. And they are treated like dirt for it.

In the 1960’s, and today, women who come to the “stay at home” mom’s defense are silenced:

The family that Millett and her peers wanted to throw out the window turns out to be a source of love, and pleasure, and grounding,
and meaning, that many people just aren’t willing to dispense with. In a grim global economy, raising children can look a whole lot
more fulfilling than the grinding, underpaid, and insecure employment on offer. I don’t mean to say that there weren’t feminists in
Millett’s time who grasped that the family needed saving, not destroying. But these groups (the National Welfare Rights
Organization, Wages for Housework) were shoved to the margins of the movement.

The article points out that Millett suffered from depression throughout her life. One can only guess why.

Extreme authority considers strong families to be a threat to their demands. It’s difficult to demand loyalty when family members act
selflessly towards their families and expect nothing in return.

Love of family is, and always has been, the bedrock of democracy and the strongest social pillar in the local church. It is also the safest
way to prevent totalitarianism.

CNN Contributor Brian Karem Claims Only Republicans Left Supporting Trump are Nazis

Do you consider yourself to be a Nazi? If you are a Republican and support President Trump, a CNN talking head thinks you are. (October 12, 2017) reports that:

…it’s almost become a pastime for members of the liberal media to take swipes at Trump and his base of support. CNN contributor
Brian Karem, who is the executive editor for Sentinel Newspapers and White House correspondent for Playboy, hit that out of the
ballpark this week by saying what’s left of Trump’s base of support is pretty much made up of Nazis and white supremacists…

Here is an excerpt of what Karem said:

As his [Trump’s] support has slipped slightly, you’ve seen his rhetoric go farther and farther to the extreme to embrace a base that
includes David Duke and white supremacists and the Nazi Party,” said Karem…

He’s not embracing them, but that’s what’s left in that group. There are a lot of people in the group that belong to those particular-
,” added Karem. Some crosstalk occurs, where Blizter says that’s just a small group of people. Yet, Karem adds that that may not be
the case, though he stops short of saying it, describing the way Trump uses Twitter.

So, if you are not a liberal you are a Nazi!!

President Trump has to deal with the liberal media every hour of every day. We need to pray that he will be able to stand firm against
idiots like this.

University of Michigan Event Turns in to Circus Protesting Conservative Speaker

A video of an event at the University of Michigan with conservative Charles Murray as the speaker turned in to a circus of protests.
Watching the video, the viewer cannot help but be embarrassed for the school as the juvenile delinquents try to silence the speaker. (October 11, 2017) reports that:

Charles Murray’s event at the University of Michigan was completely overthrown by student protesters, who occupied the
auditorium and loudly interrupted Murray for 40 minutes before sauntering out of the room.

The event, set to begin at 6:00 p.m. EST, was immediately shut down by protesters before Murray even was given a chance to begin
as one demonstrator projected a “white supremacist” hologram above his head.

“Charles Murray go away; sexist, racist, KKK! Charles Murray go away; sexist, racist KKK!,” protesters continually shouted, seemingly
occupying the majority of the seats in the venue, according to a live stream of the event provided by the school’s College
Republicans chapter who hosted the event.
At one point a man who identified himself as the school’s director of public affairs took the microphone while attempting to ask
student protesters to remain quiet.
“We’ve been silent too long!” protesters repeatedly shouted in response, with another yelling “stop silencing students of color!”

The administrator appeared to continue delivering the statement he had come make, but was drowned out by protesters, who took
to remarking on the presence of police officers in the auditorium.

Murray was finally able to give his lecture:

Until protesters left the venue, Murray was allowed only brief periods to speak, as one protester took to the stage to ask him a

“Do you not understand that your book undermines our very means of speaking?” one protester asked as he walked up on stage to
confront Murray personally, mocking Murray’s commitment to free speech.

When the man asked Murray about his controversial thesis on differences in human IQ, the speaker attempted to explain his theory,
but the hecklers had no interest in listening.
“You are a sexist too!” One demonstrator yelled out when Murray mentioned that there are differences between men and women.
“Charles Murray go away; sexist, racist, KKK!”
After the protester left the stage, the hecklers continued to yell out questions and accuse Murray of being a racist.”

…After several minutes of heated verbal exchanges, the demonstrators finally left the venue, allowing Murray to proceed with his

Liberal students on college campuses are becoming more and more “riot like” because of what is happening across the country with
groups like “Black Lives Matter.”

Liberalism is a cancer in our country.





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