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June 23, 2017
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Thirty Republican Congressmen Have Been Threatened Since May (June 22, 2017) reports that:

A total of 30 Republican members of Congress have either been attacked or revealed that they were the victim of a death threat
since the beginning of May.

May 8: Wendi Wright, 35, was arrested after stalking Rep. David Kustoff (Tenn.) and trying to run him off the road. After pulling
over, Wright "began to scream and strike the windows on Kustoff's car and even reached inside the vehicle."

May 9: Virginia Rep. Tom Garrett needed heavy security at a town hall after receiving a series of death threats in May that police
"deemed to be credible and real."

"This is how we're going to kill your wife," one message said. Others detailed how they would kill his children, and even his dog.

The article give several examples of these threats, like the following (expletives deleted):

June 22: An Ohio man was arrested for leaving a voicemail threatening the life and family of Rep. Steve Stivers (Ohio).

"We're coming to get every…one of you and your families. Maybe the next one taken down will be your daughter. Huh? Or your
wife. Or even you," the man said.

The same day, Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz played a threatening voicemail he had received on "Fox & Friends."

"I suggest you prepare for the battle… and the apocalypse," the caller yelled. "Because we are going to hunt your…, wrap a rope
around your neck, and hang you from a lamppost."

Here’s another example in the article:

June 17: Missouri Rep. Ann Wagner revealed that she had gotten five death threats in the weeks leading up to the Scalise shooting.
Wagner said that protesters had been "vandalizing my home, showing up with masks and gravestones, and laying down on my
driveway and drawing chalk outlines of dead bodies. Picketing my church at 8 and 10 o'clock Mass.

There are several others examples, but this is a terrible show of just how crazy some of these liberals are.

Lawsuit Filed Against New York Church For Its Pro Life Ministry (June 22, 2017) reports that:

The state of New York has sued a Brooklyn church in federal court claiming its pro-life ministry uses harassment, force and
intimidation to stop women from entering an abortion clinic to have their pregnancies terminated.

The pro-life ministry takes place weekly outside of the Choices abortion clinic on Jamaica Avenue in Queens, by members of the
Church of the Rock, joined by Christians from a number of other churches.

New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman alleges these Christians unlawfully harassed patients, families and clinic staff and
physically obstruct them from entering the clinic.

“The tactics used to harass and menace Choices’s patients, families, volunteers and staff are not only horrifying - they’re illegal,”
Schneiderman said in a statement. “The law guarantees women the right to control their own bodies and access the reproductive
health care they need, without obstruction. We’ll do what it takes to protect those rights for women across New York.”

The church members hold signs that show pictures of unborn babies in the womb with phrases like, “Am I Not Human? Were You
Not Once Here Yourself?”

Another sign reads: “The body inside your body is not your body.”

Another sign pictured in the lawsuit shows a poster with a fetus torn from its mother’s womb and the words “this is not healthcare.”

The church denies that is uses intimidation:

…the church says it uses prayer and peaceful persuasion, not violence or intimidation.

“Our goal with every client - whether pregnant or seeking post abortion help - is to nurture their relationship with Jesus so that they
can go out and share the Good News of freedom and forgiveness with others,” the church says on its website.

The lawsuit was filed in federal court on June 20. It claims the church is violating the federal Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances
Act, or 18 U.S.C. § 248(a)(1), and the NY Clinic Access Act, N.Y. Penal Law or § 240.70(l)(a)-(b).

The suit seeks to bar the defendants from protesting within 16 feet of the Choices abortion clinic or physically blocking or
intimidating the women trying to reach the clinic to abort their babies.

The truth is the truth. Abortion is murder.

Sixty Three Percent of Spanish Immigrants to America Cannot Speak English (June 22, 2017) reports that:

According to a new report published by the Center for Immigration Studies, 41 percent of immigrants coming into the United States
score at or below the lowest level of English literacy, a level described as “below basic” or “functional illiteracy.”

Hispanic immigrants struggle more than any other immigrant group, with 63 percent of them scoring “below basic” in a test of
English literacy. By contrast, only 23 percent of non-Hispanic immigrants score “below basic.”

Meanwhile, 23 percent of native-born Hispanics are functionally illiterate, as are 15 percent of all native-born Americans.

Only 7 percent of immigrants, and 1 percent of Hispanic immigrants, scored at an “elite” level on an English literacy test, whereas
14 percent of native-born Americans scored “elite.”

It’s possible for Spanish immigrants to come to America and never leave a Spanish community because there are so many of them:

Jason Richwine, the independent public policy analyst who authored the report, said Hispanic immigrants in particular likely suffer
from an ever-more accommodating American culture.

“The big problem, especially regarding Hispanic immigrants, is that there are so many other people speaking Spanish that they can
live basically their entire regular lives at work, at home, in the media they consume - it can all be in Spanish,” Richwine told WND.

“And so when you even further accommodate that, when they have to deal with the government or they have to deal with a
business, they go to Home Depot because they need something, they see that all the signs at those kinds of places are also in
Spanish - that can only further discourage people from learning English.”

One might expect immigrants to be more proficient in English if they have been in America longer, but that does not appear to be
the case. Among immigrants who first arrived in the U.S. more than 15 years ago, 43 percent are functionally illiterate, as are 67
percent of Hispanic immigrants who first arrived more than 15 years ago.

Language barriers are real barriers that cannot be ignored. It hurts our country when English is not known by large numbers immigrants.
How can we educate people we cannot communicate with? How can historical facts that all Americans need to know be taught and
appreciated by people who cannot even read the text books?

An emphasis on “Americanizing” people needs to be placed inside our immigration policy, and that includes speaking English.

What Will Population of Earth Be in 2050? Answer: 9.8 Billion People (June 22, 2017) reports that:

A United Nations report says the world population will increase to 9.8 billion people by 2050 despite a nearly global decrease in
fertility rates.

The global population increased from 7.4 billion in 2015 to where it stands currently at 7.6 billion, the United Nations said on

"With roughly 83 million people being added to the world's population every year, the upward trend in population size is expected
to continue, even assuming that fertility levels will continue to decline," the World Population Prospects: The 2017 Revision report
by the U.N.'s Department of Economic and Social Affairs said.

At the current rate, the world population will increase to 8.6 billion by 2030, 9.8 billion by 2050 and 11.2 billion by 2100.

What are and will be the most populous countries in the world?

India, with a current population of 1.3 billion will surpass China, with a current population of 1.4 billion, as the most populous
country in the world by 2024. By 2050, Nigeria, currently ranked seventh, will surpass the United States as the third most-populous

Each person is a soul who will live forever. The staggering responsibility of the church to evangelize the world has never been greater.





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